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Random memory
This is my first experience with a substitute teacher.
In the 2nd grade, I had this terrible fear of substitute teachers. There had never been a sub in class before, but I was afraid that they were mean and didn't know how to treat 7-year-olds. I was afraid they would try to make us do hard work, and force us to do assignments that were way beyond our capabilities and understanding. We would then be stuck there at school, alone, without our dear teacher, with a horrible substitute teacher, forced to work on hard assignments all day.
One day, I came to school, and I realized my teacher wasn't there. Instead, a sub was at the front of the classroom. I immediately feared the worst. Soon, my fears became real... On the chalkboard was the agenda for the day:
- Welcome, Introductions
- Silent reading
- Science lab
- Lunch
- College
- Math
- Recess
- English activity
- Pack up to go home

"Wait a minute!! What is that I see listed right after lunch... COLLEGE?? COLLEGE!!! OH NO!!! I was afraid this would happen one day! I just knew it!"

Well, right after lunch, I was so scared. I felt sick. I couldn't believe this horrible substitute teacher was about to make us do COLLEGE WORK. I was about to cry.
Then, the sub handed out sheets of paper, magazines, scissors, and glue... and said, "alright, we're going to make something fun. Who knows what a collage is?"

"Oh, COLLAGE... hah!"

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Please excuse yet another post about Hello Project... but one of my favorite members is LEAVING!!
Koharu Kusumi, not specifically the best voice, but she's cute and actually had a personality. Anyway, goodbye Koha-chan, my favorite crack-filled musume.

so, I've got a stalker (who's gonna read this anyway, cause they're my stalker)

She's sitting up on her own now! I'm so proud of her.
Thyme Walker

I hate dogs
So, we moved into a new place. We are living in the basement of our landlord. Well, she has a dog. The dog, like all dogs, barks... Except this dog, barks ONLY when the baby is napping. And now the baby is crying. She probably won't go back to sleep because the dog is STILL barking. And guess what I'll have to put up with for the rest of the day? A cranky baby.
Stupid dog.

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No one seems to know about my other account, oh well.
I'll post here on my VERY old account I suppose :D .

For those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE fan of Hello Project, I was recently watching old videos of Berryz Koubou and wow, they've grown so much in 5 years. The first video was made in 2004. The next one was made this year. It's hard to realize they're the same girls.

5 years later:

I was supposed to go see Morning Musume in LA a few weeks ago, but that fell through. If Berryz Koubou ever came to the US I'd wet myself, lol.

Now I get to make the official announcement:
I'm getting MAAARRIEED!!!
I feel bad for not coming home for the graduation, but guess what, I'll be home definitely in two weeks! Nathan is going home to Seattle for a week, and then he'll be coming to Maryland until the wedding!
The wedding is going to be July 22, held at the DC temple in the morning, so you guys can't come because you have to be LDS. But the reception will be held later that night. So KEEP YOUR SCHEDULES CLEAR so you guys can coooome!!!

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K yeah, so first off, huge appologies for abandonig myspace/livejournal/AIM/etc...
So I am going to tell you what has been happening since the last 2 months, hah.
but the good news is, I will be coming home in two and a half weeks. The 26th, baby.
So, when we last left off, I was totally crushing on this kid Austin, right? Yeah, I really was. This was for the valentines formal. Dude, so yeah, I'm still alive ^_^ thank you all who responded to my last entry. I was gonna reply to you all but I have been, not around. And pretty confused and wondering what the heck happened. And then I was wondering how to respond!! But yeah,... since then, something completely turned around has happened.

I have completely fallen for Nathan.

Here's what happened:
So the night after that dance, I was feelin pretty bad about the thing with Austin. So I took Nathan aside and we went to Hogi Yogi and hung out there a while, and I soon realized that I would have so much more fun with him than with Austin anyway, and I asked him out! After a series of questions (mainly about austin) he agreed. He had told me he had a crush on me after telling him that I liked Austin. I totally don't like Austin anymore though. I'm still sad though that the 3 of us don't hang out anymore, but its ok because I really like Nathan, a LOT. We had our first kiss on Valentines day. It was so much fun.
I have never felt so dizzy after a kiss. I wanted it so bad
I think the reason I liked Austin so much was because I prevented myself from liking Nathan. I knew it was gonna happen anyway. I had that feeling from the very start of the friendship, but I just wanted what I couldn't have. Austin wasn't interested in me at all, and I knew it, looking back.
But I don't care anymore.

I have never felt like this before. I am in L-O-V-E, you guys.
We've spent everyday together since then. He's boosted my self confidence way up. He's made me into a stronger person mentally and physically. He's turned me into a person I didn't think I'd ever be in a hundred years. I honestly don't know what I would be doing if I wasn't going out with him or better yet, if I hadn't met him. He's a good guy.
On tuesday we will have been going out for two months. Its only two months but I feel like I have known him longer. We've done so much.

I appologize for the mushy entry, but this is so real, and it is happening to me.

Everyday I am with him I just love him more and more, and it doesn't stop growing. Sometimes I feel like I am going to explode if I don't stop loving him this much, but it doesn't stop (and I don't explode).

Anyway, I am going to be home between April 26th to May 3rd, so make room in your schedules for me hanging out time! That is a wednesday to a wednesday! Its gonna be so much fun. We need to have an anime marathon in there

Dirge of Cerberus
GAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! I just saw the trailer for Dirge of Cerberus, and I cannot wait until it gets translated and then CHIP can PIRATE IT!
I love me some Vincent yes.

Here it is for you all to see, its to some music from Gackt.



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